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Start 2016 good with new data center cooling

Friday 22 January 2016


Start 2016 good with new data center cooling


Air@Work replaced in 2015 the cooling systems of two “live” datacenters for Air@Work indirect adiabatic cooling systems.
The first results are available now. Switch Datacenters Woerden already saves 80% in energy consumption, 50% in water consumption and 50% in overall maintenance expenditures.
We congratulate Switch Datacenters with their results.



3 benefits of using Air@Work indirect adiabatic cooling system




1 Reduced costs
Up to 90% reduction in energy consumption and minimisation of maintenance cost.
2 Increased reliability
Due to intelligent system control, elimination of single point of failure and strong reduction in complexity.

3 More power and m² left for growth

By reducing the power capacity for cooling, more power is available for ICT.


Would you like to know what the possibilities are for your data center please contact our specialist. We will analyse your situation at no costs to see if we can help you with reducing your energy costs in 2016.

Please do keep in touch – and we hope it’s cool to update you from time to time.
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