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A good climate for the Parnassiaschool

Wednesday 8 October 2014



A good climate for the Parnassiaschool in Santport

A first
The Parnassiaschool in Santport is a first for refreshing, heating and cooling air with an innovative climate unit in a school building.
The high density of the classrooms leads to a high internal heat load. Because of insufficient ventilation the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) is too high.
Refreshing, heating and cooling
Producer Air@Work supplies in association with van der Wal installatietechniek an unique total solution. With the implementation of the Statiqcooling Technology one HR air-conditioning system can refresh, heat and cool the air.
In the past this solution has been applied with much success for the cooling of datacenters and for ventilation and cooling of utility buildings.
IPC project

This project is conducted within the context of the IPC project “Natural cooling, development of small HFK-free cooling installations” and will be followed and evaluated extensively throughout the duration of the project.
Very energy-efficient and comfortable
Because of the implementation of water as refrigerant the system is absolutely not harmful to the environment. The innovative air-conditioning system heathens the fresh outside air in the winter because of heat recovery. In the summer the system cools the outside air by indirect evaporation of water. Combined with a question controlled CO2 and temperature regulation this ensures an energy-efficient and comfortable indoor climate.

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R. van der Wal installatietechniek Beverwijk is an allround and innovative installation company. The width product- and service packages are suitable for both utility buildings and housing. Van der Wal desings, realizes, modifies and maintains sanitation- and heating installations and cooling systems.

The Parnassiaschool in Santpoort is an inter-denominational primary school, with a clear link to both methodical and development-centered education.


Air@Work is the developer and producer of air
handling systems equipped withabout-statiqcooling indirect adiabatic cooling inside, for reliable cool computer rooms, data center
s and commercial (utility) buildings, against low investment- and maintenance costs.
StatiqCooling is the developer and producer of highly durable plastic heat exchangers, which combine heat recovery and indirect adiabatic cooling in just one compact heat exchanger.


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