The cost effective solution for durable data center cooling.

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Indirect system of cooling

There are several ways to cool a data center. The Air@Work product is based on compressor-free cooling, based upon indirect adiabatic cooling. This means that the system works with two air streams. One air stream is cooled by evaporating water mist into it. This cooled air then cools a second (warm and recirculating) air stream.

Outdoor air is used for the cooling air stream. It is the most effective and energy efficient way, as we directly cool the data center with it, without having to use a second air stream. However, as the air quality does not always comply with the set requirements, unfortunately, this is not possible everywhere.

That is why our system works with indirect cooling, with two separate air streams. We do use the cooling capacity of the outdoor air, but no outdoor air is supplied to the data room.

If the outside temperature is too high, we gradually switch towards indirect adiabatic cooling. In other words, we then cool the outdoor air first, by using the evaporation process.

A combination of a direct and indirect system of cooling provides the most effective, energy-efficient, and reliable cooling solution.


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