The cost effective solution for durable data center cooling.

Cost effective Durable Reliable


Data centers waste vast amounts of energy worldwide, and carry a large CO2 footprint. However, we offer a ‘green’ way of cooling! That is partly because our product only uses a minimal amount of mechanical moving components.

As a result, energy consumption is low and thereby also the CO2-footprint.

Furthermore, only water is used as a refrigerant and no environmentally harmful chemicals such as HFCs. Most of the time (95% of the year), we can even cool without water.

The outdoor air temperature is low enough then. It is only for a short period of the year (5%) that the temperature of the outdoor air is too high.

We then cool with water vapor: we let the water evaporate indirectly, causing the temperature of the air stream to drop. This cools the air that flows to the data center.

Air@Work keeps it simple! Cooling with air and water


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