The cost effective solution for durable data center cooling.

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There are various regulations and guidelines for air conditions in ICT rooms and data centers. Air@Work’s cooling product meets the highest standards that are set by organizations.

Below you can read a list with standards and the corresponding bodies. We meet the guidelines for:

The StatiqCooler is certified by TNO, based on the ARBO (Health & Safety), section 4.87.
You can download the certificate here.

Air handling systems hygiene
The StatiqCooler is tested and certified to the standards of the German VDI 6022-standard.
You can download the VID 6022 certificate here.

The Air@Work cooling solution operates within the guidelines of the technical committee of the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers).
You can download the ASHRAE TC 9.9 guidelines here.

Stichting Milieukeur
The Air@Work cooling solution meets the highest guidelines of the SMK in the certification scheme for the Eco-label ‘climate control in data centers’.
You can download the SMK certification scheme here.

BREEAM-NL is an assessment method to determine the durability performance of buildings. The method encompasses several verification marks, including one for data centers. Our Air@Work product complies with the Excellent-status because we use the StatiqCooling technology.
You can download the BREEAM assessment guidelines here.

Energy CO2-emissions and water consumption.
The Green Grid has established guidelines for the used consumption in data centers. These guidelines show the efficiency of a data center. Air@Work contributes to a positive outcome of the following guidelines:

PUE: about energy consumption in data centers
You can download the PUE-guidelines here.

WUE: about water consumption in data centers
You can download the WUE-guidelines here.

CUE: about CO2 emissions
You can download the CUE-guidelines here.


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