The cost effective solution for durable data center cooling.

Cost effective Durable Reliable

Data center cooling

Air@Work knows how important it is to optimally climate a data center. That is why Air@Work has developed an affordable, reliable and sustainable cooling system based on Evap2Cool Technology. With this you get quality in house and you save a lot on your energy costs in a sustainable way.

Most conventional cooling systems consume a lot of energy and are therefore expensive, environmentally unfriendly and maintenance-sensitive. The Air @ Work system is different and 100% applicable in the European climate!

The climate must be safeguarded within a data space in accordance with guidelines. These guidelines have been drawn up based on the technical possibilities of the IT equipment installed. ASHRAE has laid down these guidelines in the ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines 9.9. This guideline is used worldwide as the standard for data centers.

Het Air@Work koelsysteem opereert binnen deze richtlijnen en zorgt er daarmee voor dat dataruimtes zonder compressor koeling vrij geklimatiseerd kunnen worden.


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